Dr. Oranit "Orie" Gilad

Dr. Orie Gilad with Giant Panda cub Yang-Guang. Wolong Nature Reserve, Sichuan Province, China. 2004.

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Balanced Ecology Inc. (BEI) is a Texas-based conservation organization founded in 2007 to address the unique wildlife conservation challenges in Texas and around the world.
Considering that land is both privately and publicly owned, issues of wildlife and habitat conservation require a collaborative response by landowners, conservation organizations, academic institutions and state and federal entities.
BEI is involved in communicating scientific research on issues targeting the interactions between humans and nature and helps forge amenable partnerships through education and collaboration regarding wildlife, habitat conservation, and coexistence.
BEI was founded in 2007 by conservation ecologist Dr. Oranit (Orie) Gilad. Learn more about Our Board and Staff.

BEI is always searching for new challenges while promoting coexistence through the communication of research and public education.

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