Cactus flowering. Photo by Orie Gilad, Guadalupe Mountains National Park. 2005.




Bag Limit - a limitation on the number of animals allowed to be killed during a specified hunting season. Bag limits can be based on the number of animals within an area, the sex, the age, or the size of the animal..

Estrus period - a time period during which a female ovulates and susceptible to copulation and pregnancy. Female Mountain Lions are not restricted by season and may ovulate year round although most cubs are born in the summer months (July - September) and coincide with abundance of food and shelter (in Texas: the births of mule deer fawn).

Extirpation - locally extinct. For example, Mountain Lions can go extinct in Texas but still exist in California.

Gene flow - transfer of hereditary traits between populations through movement of individulas.

GIS - Geographic Information System. A computer-based graphics program that uses digitalized maps and sets of information (such as roads, vegetation, elevation, water sources, population, etc.) that can be superposed on each other and can be used to store, analyze and manage geospatial information.

Habitat fragmentation - a process in which habitat is broken up into small areas or patches by activities such as road cpnstruction, human development, deforestation, land clearing and other [mostly] human activities. This process confines wildlife to small, isolated areas which preventsing migration and limits resources such as food, water and mate-choice (limiting Gene Flow).

Population dynamics - the study of changes in a size of a population (growth, decline, stability) that is affected by births, deaths, migration and other factors (climate, catastrophes, etc).

Subadults - an age group between cub and adult. Varies by species. In Mountain Lions, subadults are 1.5 - 2 years old, no longer accompanying their mother and are in search of their own territory.


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