Texas Mountan Lion

Mountain Lion. Photo by Cynthia Nemcik, Texas, 2007.

Topics of Interest:

  1. Project Goals
  2. Classification in Texas
  3. Importance of Mountain Lion
  4. What is it for me?
  5. Texas - Historical Overview
  6. Texas - Current Status
  7. Our Solution
  8. Common Misconceptions
  9. Distribution
  10. Description
  11. Behavior
  12. Mountain Lions and People
  13. Volunteer Opportunities
  14. References



- Mountain Lion Classification in Texas

In 2005, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) published a Wildlife Action Plan, a “Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy”.

The plan was a combined effort among scientists, TPWD staff, and conservationists to identify the needs of animal species and habitats as well as meet the required elements of the State Wildlife Grant Program (US Fish and Wildlife Service).

In the TPWD plan, mountain lions are classified as a species of concern and listed as imperiled in the state of Texas because of “their rarity due to very restricted range, very few populations (often 20 or fewer), steep declines, or other factors making it [Mountain Lion] very vulnerable to extirpation from the state” (classification as imperiled (S2), pages 17 and 51 Section IV)) (TPWD, 2005).

TPWD Wildlife Action Plan (2005) recommendations for species management (Section IV, page 212):

  • Develop landowner incentives to work on maintaining a stable population.
  • Education and outreach to inform people of the role of mountain lions.
  • Develop a statewide management plan.
  • Develop better method for recording hunter/trapper take.
  • Review regulatory status.

As of today, 2009, none of the above recommendations have been implemented.


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