Mountain Lion under Aspen

Source: © DLIILL/Corbis

Topics of Interest:

  1. Project Goals
  2. Classification in Texas
  3. Importance of Mountain Lion
  4. What is it for me?
  5. Texas - Historical Overview
  6. Texas - Current Status
  7. Our Solution
  8. Common Misconceptions
  9. Distribution
  10. Description
  11. Behavior
  12. Mountain Lions and People
  13. Volunteer Opportunities
  14. References



- Our Solution

Adaptive Management Plan – Source/Sink Approach

An Adaptive Management Plan is an approach implemented successfully by several states with similar land, wildlife and terrain to those of Texas. If used as a solution, this approach will be implemented with or without the involvement of TPWD.

This approach identifies:

  1. Sink areas, such as sheep and goat areas, are areas that require predator control. The objective (the need) is to reduce the number of Mountain Lions in those particular areas.
  2. Source areas involve minimum human interference, allowing Mountain Lions to reproduce naturally.
  3. Stable areas are those where hunting/removal is allowed while maintaining a stable population of Mountain Lions.  These areas will also allow natural dispersal of Mountain Lions.

An Example (does not represent Texas Mountain Lion Habitat):

Exmaple of Sink-Source-Stable Areas

Adapted from Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Mountain Lion Management Plan


  1. An area identified as a sink area will not benefit from having a source area adjacent to it because dispersing animals will enter those (sink area) lands looking to establish a territory.
  2. Therefore, a sink area should be located adjacent (as much as possible) to stable areas.
  3. Dispersing Mountain Lions from a source area should have secure dispersal routes, and therefore will benefit by having stable areas adjacent to them.
  4. Landowners vary in their attitudes toward Mountain Lions, and the actions of one landowner can contradict the objectives of another landowner.
  5. By identifying the specific needs of the different areas, we can address the basis for predator control, minimize human - predator interaction and decrease livestock predation.  This will also ensure a healthy and viable population of Mountain Lions in the state.


Predator species such as Mountain Lions cannot be managed by individual landowners. There should be a statewide plan, whether through a state government agency or through other means, to ensure a stable and viable population of Mountain Lions in Texas.




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